Inappropriate Behaviour in a Taxi

22:00 Jan 30 2012 Rukab Street

A combination of it lashing down with rain and trying to avoid any unwanted attention on the walk home I opted for a taxi. I flagged one down on the street and headed home. The taxi driver had very good English so struck up a conversation. There were a number of incidents throughout the ride.

As with any normal 1st meeting he shook my hand, however he tried to hold on to it and started stroking it causing me to pull back very abruptly. Then he started to casually ask for personal details - why was I going to my destination, where I worked, my age etc. During this time I was propositioned a number times - would I like to go and enjoy some time with him, could he have my number etc. He also slowed the pace of the car to ensure that the journey was prolonged. As I result I had to be dropped off before my destination and to hold back a few minutes to ensure that he had left and did not follow me to where I lived.

Such behaviour is unacceptable. Taxis are there to bring you safetly from A to B. Of course casual conversation is welcomed most of the time. However, sexual harassment is not.
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Quba'a (Feb 17 2012)
I do agree!! its a sexual harassment. International girls should be carefull and not move out in ramallah during the night. i do hope that we can stop sexual harassment in Plestine
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