Daily harassment means a longer walk to work

22:44 Jan 13 2012 Ramallah Tahta

While walking to work in the morning, I experience daily harassment from groups of boys waiting outside their school. Yesterday, a shop keeper near the school (and within view of the boys) whistled and shouted at me as I walked past. Not surprisingly, the boys immediately began whistling and shouting the same comments they had just heard from the adult. It is very clear that these boys believe it is acceptable to mistreat women in the street because they see adult men exhibiting this behavior.

Because of daily harassment of this type, I have changed the route I take to work. This new route adds 10 minutes to my morning walk.

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مزبوط (Feb 23 2012)
I'm a guy of 30 years old/Palestinian-Norwegian. I could not take it any more hearing all comments thrown from all direction, so I decided to avoid almanara area as possible as I can. The solution could be to buy a car so I can cross elmanara with less harassments, but really do Rammalla needs more car? Seriously! It makes the road longer to some destination, and that is a fact. I do not know what they see in me that is so provocative to their "morals". The police do nothing even if they are hearing sexual and unpleasant comment used to harass somebody. Why is it so difficult for the police to give fines;at least; to any one who practice any type of sexual harassment under their watch? It is so sad it is like how it is today in our society. Do something, please, anyone!!
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