They Know What They Are Doing Is Wrong!

22:30 Nov 28 2011 Started just after PLC roundabout and continued until the nearest shop, just over a five minute walk away

While walking home a white car pulled up beside me with two young men inside drinking. The driver spoke fluent English, his passenger did not. I made it very clear that I did not want their company, drink or lift home that they were offering. They continued to stalk me for over 5 minutes while I quickly made my way to the nearest shop. We had a conversation along the way where I told him to leave me alone. He kept asking why I was being unfriendly, kept saying that he had an American passport and he was respecting me. I explained that he was not respecting me and what he was doing was called harassment and that in any other country he would be arrested. He agreed and said that he knew what he was doing was harassment, yet he continued. After I made my point I continued to walk ignoring him. Yet he continued to curb crawl me. His friend, who did not speak English, just kept saying "I'm so sorry" and tried to persuade the driver to leave me alone. When I reached the shop I went inside and chatted to the shop keeper who I know explaining what had happened. The car eventually left. I continued my journey home after the shop keeper made sure that the car had gone.
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