Followed and intimidated as I walked home with friend

11:39 May 20 2012 Nuzha Street, Ramallah

I was walking my female friend back along the street, choosing to do so because the lighting is non-existent on this part of the road and there are usually big groups of youths there. A middle-aged man in a white car (not a taxi) pulled up along side us and started commenting in arabic and asking us if we wanted a taxi. We said no (also in arabic) but still the car followed us. Eventually he left, but only to return two minutes later to do the same. Again he asked, and again we politely said no and asked him to leave, which he eventually did, only for the whole cycle to happen again once more further up the street. I dropped my friend back home and continued walking up to Clock Square - choosing to walk towards the lighter part of the street rather than turning back on my own. I had to stop suddenly when I realised a few meters ahead, the same man in the same car was parked in the middle of the road, waiting for me, pre-empting that I was going to walk past. I ran back up to my friends house and called a male friend to come and find me to walk me out of the street. The whole incident was very scary and left me feeling quite shaken. There were a lot of people out as the football had just finished, but that didn't stop the incident from occuring.
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