Stop and Stare

11:15 Dec 21 2011 Baten Alhawa Area

As I was walking from work to the local shop, which is no more than two minutes away, I noticed a taxi stop a few yards up the road. My first thoughts were that it was lost, then as I continued walking I realised that the taxi which contained a driver and passenger both male were just staring at me as I walked. Not wanting to assume that this was the usual case of staring with sexual intent that happens many times a day I continued walking until I was 100% sure. As I walked passed the taxi the driver who had a knowing smirk on his face continued to follow me with his eyes actually having to turn around in his seat to do so. It was at this point I turned and asked him what his problem was and made it perfectly clear that I did not appreciate being looked at in a sexual way, especially when all I was doing was going to buy some lunch. After making some comment in Arabic in response to my confrontation he eventually just drove off.
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