Walking Into Someone Intentionally Followed By Staring Is Not An Acceptable Chat Up Line

23:28 Nov 28 2011 On the footpath outside the Nabi Saleh Service Station

While waiting at the side of the footpath for a friend to get a service to Nabi Saleh a guy intentionally elbowed into me and then walked away while staring back at me with a knowing smirk across his face. A smirk that said I enjoyed that and there's more where that came from if you want it. I stared right back at him and he soon got the message that what he did was neither welcome nor acceptable.
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13:11 Jan 05, 2012

From the police station at Al-Manara down the road that starts right in front of it, leading in direction to Al-Bireh, 0.12 Kms

physical intimidation in front of police station

13:52 May 24, 2012

Near police station in Ein Misbah, 0.14 Kms

Followed and intimidated as I walked home with friend

11:39 May 20, 2012

Nuzha Street, Ramallah, 0.17 Kms

followed by a truck

09:15 May 15, 2012

Rukab Street, 0.17 Kms

Young men screaming at me

18:10 May 23, 2012

Rukab street, 0.17 Kms