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Following. 0 Unverified

13:11 Jan 05, 2012

A guy followed me for about 5 minutes on th other side of the street. Then he crossed the street and came to my side, walking in front of me.... More Information » « Less Information

From the police station at Al-Manara down the road that starts right in front of it, leading in direction to Al-Bireh

Two guys hooting at me 0 Unverified

13:10 Jan 04, 2012

Two guys hooted at me, location unknown More Information » « Less Information


touching violently my bottom 0 Unverified

20:00 Dec 28, 2011

I was walking on the street, i look for something inside my hand bag when i felt someone grabbing and lifting my coat and touching violently... More Information » « Less Information

Next to the Municipality Park of Ramallah, Ramallah

Stop and Stare



Stop and Stare 0 Unverified

11:15 Dec 21, 2011

As I was walking from work to the local shop, which is no more than two minutes away, I noticed a taxi stop a few yards up the road. My first... More Information » « Less Information

Baten Alhawa Area

Near miss 0 Unverified

20:00 Dec 13, 2011

I was walking away from the Bank of Palestine in Ein Misbah when a man in a car stopped his car and started to follow me. Luckily, I saw a male... More Information » « Less Information

Ein Misbah

A Helping Hand 0 Unverified

22:15 Dec 08, 2011

Walking to a friend's house with three other female friends we walked past about eight young men gathered around a broken down car. One... More Information » « Less Information

Just off Rukab Street towards Ein Misbah

Aug 23 Indecent Exposure on Jaffa Rd toward Beitunia 0 Unverified

11:54 Dec 08, 2011

A white jeep was pulled off the road to the right on Jaffa Rd in Ein Munjid on the way to Beitunia. As I (female) walked by, the man stepped... More Information » « Less Information

Jaffa Rd, Ein Munjid, on the way to Beitunia (right hand side)

Walking Into Someone Intentionally Followed By Staring Is Not An Acceptable Chat Up Line 0 Unverified

23:28 Nov 28, 2011

While waiting at the side of the footpath for a friend to get a service to Nabi Saleh a guy intentionally elbowed into me and then walked away... More Information » « Less Information

On the footpath outside the Nabi Saleh Service Station

They Know What They Are Doing Is Wrong! 0 Unverified

22:30 Nov 28, 2011

While walking home a white car pulled up beside me with two young men inside drinking. The driver spoke fluent English, his passenger did not.... More Information » « Less Information

Started just after PLC roundabout and continued until the nearest shop, just over a five minute walk away

Unwelcomed Comments 2 Unverified

10:42 Nov 14, 2011

While walking to buy some lunch with a Palestinian colleague two young men started beeping their horn and shouting comments out their car window... More Information » « Less Information

Jaffa Road

Grabbed outside of Beit Aniseh 0 Unverified

23:30 Nov 08, 2011

I was walking from Beit Aniseh toward Jaffa road with a (female) friend around 11:30pm. A young man walked past us and grabbed my bum on his... More Information » « Less Information

outside Beit Aniseh

Followed by very persistent man in car 0 Unverified

02:00 Nov 07, 2011

I was walking home late (around 2:00am) on Al Masyoun road, and had just passed Baghdad market when a yellow car passed me, and then stopped... More Information » « Less Information

Al Masyoun

Vicious Cycle of Sexual Harassment 0 Unverified

13:30 Oct 21, 2011

Walking to a friend's house what started out as the usual "welcome" and "what is your name?" turned into a disturbing... More Information » « Less Information

Off Jaffa Road heading into Ramallah Tata

Invasion of Personal Space and Seedy Comments 6 Unverified

16:45 Oct 12, 2011

I could see a young shop owner who was leaning against the railings outside his shop staring at me as I walked down the street. As I walked... More Information » « Less Information

Between Al Manara and Clock Square

Kerb Crawling 0 Unverified

02:00 Sep 15, 2011

In the space of five minutes on a walk home I was curb crawled three times. The first car pulled up along side and drove with me as I walked.... More Information » « Less Information

On Al Masoyn, five minutes walk before Caesar Hotel

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