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Walking to work 0 Unverified

10:02 Aug 08, 2012

Today I had a number of incidents on my walk to work - stopping and looking me up and down, whispering 'sexy' etc. Then as I got... More Information » « Less Information

Walk from Irsal to Jaffa Street

حتى و الواحدة جوا السيارة 1 Unverified

13:07 May 31, 2012

الي اسبوع و اكم يوم و انا عم بفكر انو لازم ابلغ عن اللي صار معي ( و اكيد بصير مع كتير غيري)على حاجز قلنديا. الاسبوع الماضي و انا راجعة من يوم... More Information » « Less Information

شارع المؤدي الى رام الله خروجا من حاجز قلنديا (مقابل غرافيتي ياسر عمار) ي

physical intimidation in front of police station 0 Unverified

13:52 May 24, 2012

I was walking in front of the police station in Ein Misbah and a young man approached me. He was staring at my chest and smiling. He said "hello",... More Information » « Less Information

Near police station in Ein Misbah

Young men screaming at me 0 Unverified

18:10 May 23, 2012

Rukab Street, group young men screaming SEXY at foreigner woman. Embarassing, had to take taxi More Information » « Less Information

Rukab street

Followed and intimidated as I walked home with friend 0 Unverified

11:39 May 20, 2012

I was walking my female friend back along the street, choosing to do so because the lighting is non-existent on this part of the road and there... More Information » « Less Information

Nuzha Street, Ramallah

followed by a truck 0 Verified

09:15 May 15, 2012

I was followed and harassed on my walk to work by a man in a pick-up truck, who followed me, honked repeatedly, and yelled at me out of the... More Information » « Less Information

Rukab Street

Kids shouting 0 Unverified

17:00 Mar 16, 2012

Walking to my flat. The street was pretty empty with the exception if three young male teenagers walking the other way. As soon as they saw... More Information » « Less Information

Martyr Nazeeh al Qourn Street

Inappropriate Behaviour in a Taxi 1 Unverified

22:00 Jan 30, 2012

A combination of it lashing down with rain and trying to avoid any unwanted attention on the walk home I opted for a taxi. I flagged one down... More Information » « Less Information

Rukab Street

Enough is Enough! 2 Unverified

12:37 Jan 25, 2012

As I walked through Ein Misbeh to a friend's house, having taken the long way round because it was the most lighted road, I kept hoping... More Information » « Less Information

Ein Misbeh

Staring 0 Unverified

11:18 Jan 24, 2012

Walking back from lunch a man traveling in the opposite direction slows his car to stare at me, before he drives off he beeps his horn and shouts... More Information » « Less Information

Between Jaffa Road and al-Tira

Dangerous Methods To Get Attention 0 Unverified

18:00 Jan 23, 2012

A car drives at speed extremely close to the pavement I am walking along. As it does the passengers are yelling things out the window and beeping... More Information » « Less Information

Al Masoyn Street

Daily harassment means a longer walk to work 2 Unverified

22:44 Jan 13, 2012

While walking to work in the morning, I experience daily harassment from groups of boys waiting outside their school. Yesterday, a shop keeper... More Information » « Less Information

Ramallah Tahta

One Group's Amusement, Is Another Individual's Nightmare 0 Unverified

22:00 Jan 13, 2012

On the walk home from dinner with friends a small car filled with young men drove past. As they passed by me they slowed down, opened the rear... More Information » « Less Information

Al Masoyn Street

Followed by four guys in jeep 0 Unverified

13:17 Jan 06, 2012

I was walking with my friend when a silver jeep went past. It contained four young males, who proceeded to wind down the window and shout stuff... More Information » « Less Information

Al Masoyn Street

Following. 0 Unverified

13:11 Jan 05, 2012

A guy followed me for about 5 minutes on th other side of the street. Then he crossed the street and came to my side, walking in front of me.... More Information » « Less Information

From the police station at Al-Manara down the road that starts right in front of it, leading in direction to Al-Bireh

Two guys hooting at me 0 Unverified

13:10 Jan 04, 2012

Two guys hooted at me, location unknown More Information » « Less Information


A Helping Hand 0 Unverified

22:15 Dec 08, 2011

Walking to a friend's house with three other female friends we walked past about eight young men gathered around a broken down car. One... More Information » « Less Information

Just off Rukab Street towards Ein Misbah

Unwelcomed Comments 2 Unverified

10:42 Nov 14, 2011

While walking to buy some lunch with a Palestinian colleague two young men started beeping their horn and shouting comments out their car window... More Information » « Less Information

Jaffa Road

Vicious Cycle of Sexual Harassment 0 Unverified

13:30 Oct 21, 2011

Walking to a friend's house what started out as the usual "welcome" and "what is your name?" turned into a disturbing... More Information » « Less Information

Off Jaffa Road heading into Ramallah Tata

Invasion of Personal Space and Seedy Comments 6 Unverified

16:45 Oct 12, 2011

I could see a young shop owner who was leaning against the railings outside his shop staring at me as I walked down the street. As I walked... More Information » « Less Information

Between Al Manara and Clock Square

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